Frequently asked questions

What if I am not satisfied with Robert Senior Designs?

How do I make an order?

To order from our online shop we kindly request that you contact Robert Senior Designs by telephone or email, we will then be happy to proceed with the purchase. Due to our unique and complex collections and variations related to the shipping methods charges, we confirm that our pieces are not available for 'online' purchase.

As many of our pieces and collections are made to order we cannot commence with production until we are in receipt of cleared deposit funds. As part of our business terms we will require a payment of 50% deposit on all purchase orders (prior to commencement of production) and 50% outstanding balance on advise of completion and prior to collection and delivery.

What is the Bespoke Order Process?

We shall be delighted to discuss any questions you have on any of our pieces or collections or indeed any specific design requirements. We ask that you contact us via telephone or email to begin the design process. This will involve the arranging of an initial meeting followed by a brainstorm meeting to clearly establish exactly what you, the client requires from us at Robert Senior Designs.


Once designs have been finalised the client will be provided with a quotation, should they choose to proceed with the order a portfolio will be created to show your unique design process; dimensions, materials, choice of fabrics and finishes will all be included. A final meeting will be arranged with the client and designer to discuss your unique portfolio - at the end of this meeting an initial payment of 50% deposit of funds will be taken before production commences. The outstanding 50% balance will be taken on advise of completion and prior to collection and delivery.